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Sustainable conservation for all

Tela and the conservation of its unique Coral Reefs System is presented with specific challenges common to all Central American developing countries. Centuries old occupations, like farming and fishing, mixed with the rising needs of a fast growing population with ever more spending power has taken a toll on the natural resources from which these rising economies depend. These new and inexperienced democracies are still on their initial learning stages. Local scarcely funded institutions are usually left to the task of conservation, covering for the lack of appropriate legislation and enforcement of the existing laws. In this context conservation is only possible if it’s sustainable for all involved.


With this basic idea in mind, Tela Marine Research Centre was created to function as a tool of conservation connecting research, scientists, communities, authorities, institutions, and all involved or affected by the conservation of Tela´s amazing Coral Reef System. Our main objective is to facilitate the tools and logistics needed for research and collaboration. We believe that through research and collaboration it’s possible to discover sustainable solutions that will function as the bases to create grass root movements interested in conservation for their own economic and social well-being.

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Dive Season is Starting!!!!!!!!!

Dive Season is starting in Tela, and we are all ready to go. May 1st marks the first day of our season. This year we have two (2) new dive sites that have yet to be named by those lucky researchers that set eyes on them for the first time.   Something to look for this year, will be the effects of the last Niño event. Preliminary data tells us that although there was considerable bleaching almost all has recovered.