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Tela Marine Research Centre (TMARC) is by far the largest and most experienced scientific & tourist dive operation on main land Honduras. We are equipped to serve up to forty (40) divers at a time with boats on both the lagoons and the ocean. Founded on 2012 TMARC has become the leader in marine exploration on mainland Honduras thanks to its partnership with leading ecological organization such as:

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  • Operation Wallacea (OPWALL)

  • The Coral Reef Alliance

  • Healthy Reefs

  • World Wilde Life Fund

  • Roatan Marine Park


  • Fundacion Cuero Salado (FUCSA)



Dive Services & Experience

Although fairly new in the dive & research scene TMARC has achieved several milestones that have put the company on the leading edge of diving services. TMARC now averages over 3,500 research dives and over 300 fun dives every year, this is over 10X or 1,000% more than the next dive operation in the area.


Tela presents specific challenges for any dive operation. Its open bay, cardinal position and the fact the some of the largest rivers in Honduras flank the bay make it only possible to dive during a period of 7-8 months a year. Also the lack of dive infrastructure has obliged TMARC to take an active role on the installation and maintenance of all dive infrastructure in the area. TMARC installs and maintains all dive mooring buoys in the area, and works closely with local and neighboring NGOs in the installation and maintenance of Marine Infrastructure necessary for demarcation and protection of marine areas.


Some of TMARC dive operations in the area include:

  • Swim zone demarcation

  • Beach mooring buoy installation

  • Marine protected area demarcation

  • Mooring dive buoy installation

  • Mooring dive buoy maintenance

  • Shipwreck search and recovery (small vessels)

  • Over 3,500 research dives per year

  • Over 300 fun dives a year



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