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Beautiful Tela Bay

Honduras Shores Plantation is located right in the middle of Tela Bay, and it is the base of operation for TMRC. This eco-resort and vacation home residential area has the added benefit of being located inside the buffer zone of the Blanca Jeannette Kawas National Park. The Resort is on a strip of land in between the Cola del Mico Lagoon and the Caribbean Ocean. Excellent for running operations on both lagoon and ocean research activities.



Lodging Facilities

Honduras Shores Plantation´s (HSP) facilities usually exceed all expectations of researchers visiting this unexplored Coral Reef & Mangrove Forest. On its grounds you will find several types of lodging accommodations that fit different needs and budgets. Some of the lodging facilities are:

  • Beach Hotel

  • Lagoon Hotel

  • Lagoon Double Cabins

  • Lagoon single Cabins

  • Vacation Homes

Aditional Services

HSP also offers a series of services that make research and dive activities safer, more accessible and more comfortable. Some of the seervices HSP has to offer are:

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Lagoon Decks & Boat Launch Pads

  • Beach Deck & Boat Launch Pad

  • Meeting Room

  • Beach Restaurant

  • Security 24/7


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